What is service virtualization?

Testing individual system components which depend on other components is challenging. Service virtualization makes it possible to create isolated test environments by simulating test dependencies.

Why use service virtualization?

  • Replace costly, slow-to-provision test systems with on-demand simulations
  • Enable full testing of systems which rely on 3rd-party vendor APIs
  • Analyze how dependency performance issues impact the system by simulating latency or failure
  • Automate testing at the component and system level

service virtualization overview

Hoverfly Cloud

An integrated
service virtualization solution

Hoverfly Cloud is a unique DevOps-first service virtualization solution, designed from the ground up for integration, automation and performance.

  • Easy to integrate: API-driven, deployable on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Scale on demand - based on the performance requirements of your tests
  • Minimal learning curve: manage provisioning and reporting using existing test tools

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Introducing Hoverfly Cloud

Integrate Hoverfly Cloud with your test tools

1. Virtualized services are automatically provisioned as part of the test setup

Request virtual services

2. Virtualized services scale as required to handle load from the system under test

Scale virtual services

3. Service virtualization report data is incorporated into the performance test tool report

Export report

Service virtualization for your CI/CD pipeline

Hoverfly Cloud is a resilient, high-performance, cost-effective service virtualization solution for every stage of your pipeline.

Hoverfly Cloud Continuous Integration

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