Hoverfly Cloud May 2018 release

Greg Southey,

The new release of Hoverfly Cloud has had a few weeks to bed in and I hope you have had a chance to try out the new features.

A quick recap of what’s new: Swagger import, search and filter the persisted journal which logs activity, dashboard, improved UI, and Scenarios.

Everything you see in this upgrade has been requested by Hoverfly Cloud users - what do you need to make Hoverfly work better for your needs?

The first thing you notice will be the new GUI, and the dashboard. First time in you will see a Welcome screen with shortcuts to useful links.

The Dashboard will give you the first sight of Scenarios - a new concept to group simulations which means you can manage and share them as one which is proving to be a major time saver. You can still use simulations stand alone like before, the Scenarios provide an additional capability.

Be sure to look at the modes too - you may already be familiar with simulate and capture. Take a look at spy mode which passes unmatched requests back to the server, or passthrough which allows for rapid switching between the simulated and real APIs to facilitate testing and double checking that the app and services you’re working on are behaving correctly.

This release also includes the Journal which logs all activity for a simulation. Use the journal for real time info about how the simulation is working, track errors and search for those elusive bugs. Observability is a major area for us and I would particularly welcome feedback here. We are already working on the feed which will allow you to plug in a dashboard to monitor the simulations in real time. It is useful to see the activity, errors (both intentional and unexpected), and dig into the data to see information like average latency.

And last but not least, it is now possible to create new simulations from a Swagger spec. We are still debating the best ways to create test data to support this and look forward to your ideas and suggestions. Or simply let me know what you do today so we can learn. Email me directly or use the contact form

Please check the What’s New section in the documentation too.