Announcing API Simulation Builder on Hoverfly Cloud

Tommy Situ,

Our vision is that as well as providing a platform for performing API Simulations, Hoverfly Cloud also will provide some great facilities for managing them. So, we are excited to announce a new way of creating API simulations. You can now edit your previous recorded Hoverfly simulations or create one from scratch, all through a friendly user interface.

This new API simulation builder enables you to:

  • navigate and search a large simulation file with numbers of mocked endpoints;
  • copy an existing mock endpoint to create new scenarios for testing edge cases;
  • work with JSON bodies in a code editor with autocompletion;
  • validate against the Hoverfly schema to minimise errors.

Turning a newly-created simulation into a virtualised service on Hoverfly Cloud is just a few clicks away. To try it out, simply login with your Github account. You will get a 30-day free trial, and no card is required.

Please give us your feedback and look out for other features for managing API Simulations at scale.

Simulation Builder screenshot