Continuously delivering SOA with service virtualization

John Davenport,

I’ve been working in IT for more years than I like to admit and one of the greatest frustrations is the corporate mindset that leads to  If Your Only Tool Is a Hammer Then Every Problem Looks Like a Nail. I’ve seen vendors being forced to needlessly replace one database technology with another, or over-elaborate RFPs resulting in a costly and over-engineered acquisition. Feeling charitable, I’ll opine that such RFPs arise from a culture that ensuresyou only have one chance to get it right!

I’ve long been of the view that only informed understanding of the problem domain and the limitations of individual tools leads to an appropriate tool selection, and for that you need to consult informed and unbiasedadvisors, and if necessary, kick the tyres a bit.

This applies to test tools, including ours. So, I’m glad to have contributed to the Continuously Delivering SOA article in DZone that may go some way to dispelling the notion that one service virtualization solution fits all. As this sector matures I am sure we shall see a range of tools emerge.

The kind people at DZone have also added the article to a DZone Guide to Enterprise Integration.