The SpectoLabs team have broad experience in enterprise application delivery, API-driven architectures including microservices and SOA, continuous integration, test automation, DevOps and agile delivery.

The team has technical expertise in:

Tom Cunliffe


Tom has built successful agile teams and managed the delivery of transformational cloud-based products and big data solutions.

Daniel Bryant


Daniel has a track record of delivering complex systems into production. He is skilled in software architecture, continuous delivery and cloud technologies.

John Davenport


John has over 30 years experience in software delivery and test automation, most recently at British Airways.

Benji Hooper


Benji has spent many years dealing with the problem of integration testing in complex, constantly changing environments.

Andrew Morgan


Andrew is passionate about test-driven development and has a broad range of skills in architecture, application development and DevOps.

Tommy Situ


Tommy is an experienced software engineer with expertise in continuous delivery and test-driven development.