Greg Southey

Greg has a track record of working on the business side for a number of successful startups notably SpringSource and Tasktop providing software and services to some of the biggest financial and manufacturing companies in the world.

Recently he took a year long career break travelling around the world with his surfboards and diving gear and also managed to fit in some teaching and community work.

Greg has an Arts degree in English from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Daniel Bryant
Strategic Advisor


Daniel was CTO at Instant Access Technologies Ltd (IAT), a startup specialising in creating and monetising online user-bases.

Prior to that, Daniel was responsible for the delivery of enterprise web applications at triOpsis, a SaaS startup listed as one of the “Top 100 tech media companies” by The Guardian newspaper.

Daniel has a PhD in Computing (AI and Software Engineering) from the University of Surrey.

John Davenport
Director of Strategy


John held a series of management positions at British Airways over 30 years, where he played a central role in the adoption of continuous delivery, service virtualization and cloud infrastructure.

Before that, as a Technical Product Manager at Speedwing Logica, he delivered a product portfolio that made £450K in annual profits through sales to customers including the US IRS, Fedex, Marriott Hotels, Visa, KLM and United Airlines.

John has a degree in Computer Science from Staffordshire University.

Tommy Situ


Tommy is an experienced software engineer with expertise in continuous delivery, TDD and API Simulation.

Benji Hooper


Benji has spent many years dealing with the problem of integration testing in complex, constantly changing environments.